Thomas Hill Engineering

About Us

Thomas Hill Engineering have been designing and producing specialist bottle cleaning and conveyor solutions since 1880.

We design and manufacture high quality stainless steel conveyors and belt conveyors, for a whole range of industry sectors including the glass, bottling, pharmaceutical and packaging industries.

As specialists in providing high quality conveyors and bottle washing equipment, Thomas Hill Engineering combine a wealth of experience and expertise in design, technical and manufacturing capabilities. From inception to installation we can handle your complete project. We produce manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic bottle cleaning and bottle washing equipment to a worldwide client base.

We deliver innovative and high quality solutions backed with a reliable service and after service. You can be assured of a first class service and our dedication to your project, be it large or small.

Thomas Hill Engineering have completed numerous projects for the overseas market and we have manufactured and installed equipment throughout Europe as well as Kuwait, Jamaica, Egypt, South America, West Indies and Japan.

Our Services

We have worldwide experience in both designing and producing extensive and varied ranges of Semi and Fully Automatic Machines and Handling Systems.

  • Semi Automatic Rotary Type Bottle Container Washing
  • Fully Automatic Rotary Type Bottle, Jar & Container Rinse Cleaning
  • Semi Automatic Rotary Type Bottle, Jar & Container Compressed Airblow Vacuum Extraction Type Cleaning Machine
  • Fully Automatic In-line Type Bottle Jar & Container Rinse Cleaning Machines
  • Fully Automatic In-line & Rotary Type Bottle, Jar & Container Cleaning Machines Using Compressed Airblow/Vacuum Extraction
  • Semi Automatic Rotary & In-Line Type Tube, Vial, Bottle, Jar & Container
  • Cleaning Machines of the Liquid Rinse or Compressed Air Type for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Semi & Fully Automatic Rotary or In-Line Type Machines for Drying, Sterilising Bottles, Vials, Tubes, Jars etc.
  • Bottle, Jar, Container, Unscrambling & Accumulating Machines
  • Stainless Steel Construction Bottle, Jar, Container Conveying Equipment (Single or Multi-Lane Types)
  • Bottle, Jar, Container, Dividing & Combining Equipment
  • Bottle, Jar, Container, Turnovers for Inverting and/or Re-Inverting Containers Through 90-180-360 degrees
  • Feed Worms
  • Bottles & Container Handling Changeparts for Bottling Line Machines
  • Glassworks Cold End Handling Equipment
    (Lehr Unloaders, Accumulators, Slat Conveyors, Cullet Conveyors etc.)
  • "Special" Machines & Equipment According to Customers Individual Requirements

Thomas Hill Engineering Are Sole Suppliers Of HILLSMEN Equipment Under Licence

We design, manufacture and install conveyor machines and handling systems for clients all over the world.

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